EMV & Apple Pay

You can choose from an all-in-one handover configuration, or extend customer convenience through the addition of a pin pad and card-entry device. Customers can insert, swipe or tap their own card or mobile phone for payments, while keeping a dedicated clerk-facing device on the counter.

Wireless Processing

There’s never been a better or more efficient way to have wireless transaction processing services, and expert devices. Wireless solutions provides a complete package of needed hardware, software and services and greatly simplified support all through a hosted, fully managed service.

Loyalty & Gift Cards

When it comes to gift-giving, consumers naturally consider gift cards, but they value convenience over uniqueness. Though your mom and pop restaurant may support local growers and serve the best omelet in town, time-crunched holiday shoppers will turn to the gift cards that are easiest to buy. So, if you have a gift card available in your store and on your website (and ideally, a few other places as well), then you have a chance of vying for those precious gift card dollars.

Web Solutions

To compete and succeed online, it takes solid strategy, an engaging customer experience, and insighful analysis. This is why we design websites that adapt across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, providing a consistent and contextually relevant user experience: A formula that is proven successful.

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